Here are just some of the advantages of employing the services of an inventory clerk?

If you're a property landlord or lettings agent you can save yourself a lot of time, inconvenience, and of course - money.

A professional inventory service gives you peace of mind that nothing has been left off the inventory, because if you do the inventory yourself you'll be checking, double checking and worrying that you might just have missed something out. If you've employed the services of an inventory clerk you can be sure that any dispute that might arise further down the line doesn't get personal and can be resolved in a fair and professional manner.

An inventory clerk should be independent and will take note of the condition, imperfections or damage to the property at the beginning, middle and end of a tenancy agreement. This is essential to comply with the conditions of the 'Tenency Deposit Scheme'.

What is the Tenancy Deposit Scheme?

Most landlords will ask for up to six weeks rent in advance to secure a tenancy. This amount will be held until the tenant moves out and is held to help cover any damage or breakages that might occur during the tenancy period. This can also include any late payments of rent of course.

(Private lanlords who manage their own properties will use their own discretion in these cases and it's their decision whether the full refund is repaid to the leaving tenant or not at the point of check-out).

The 'Tenancy Deposit Scheme' has been set up by the Independent Housing Ombudsman to regulate such circumstances, ensuring fair play and that disputes are settled amicably without much delay, and without any charge. 

Of course, not all areas of the UK are covered by the scheme. If you are a concerned tenant, you should check to see if the 'Independent Housing Ombudsman' can help you. (Ask your local Inventory Clerk, who should know)

How much will an inventory clerk charge? .... How long is a piece of string?

Like any other business, the market decides. The only way to get a fair idea in your own mind is to contact several 'reputable' inventory clerks and simply 'ask' for their prices and their terms of service, including any qualifications they might have and whether they are fully insured to provide the service.

Remember, that included in the price will be the peace of mind you'll have knowing that your inventory clerk is fully insured to cover any indiscretions that may come to light as a result of something important being left off of the inventory.

A note worth remembering here when employing the services of an inventory clerk. Anything locked away (in lofts or sheds) and which is 'not' noted on the inventory is your responsibility as the landlord. Plus! - As a tenant, or as a landlord, you may incur extra costs if the objects listed on the inventory are not in their 'original position' at the time of the final check-out. It is not the job of the inventory clerk to search for missing items – they are likely to be noted as missing. If the clerk does have to look for objects, you may be charged a fee for the inconvenience.

You should always have an inventory clerk present for check-in, check-out, or mid-tenancy checks, and these will cost extra. If the inventory is carried out 'after' the tenant has moved in, there may be discrepancies on the inventory as to what belongs to you. It is up to you to point out any mistakes and ensure they are rectified.
A visual and written report on the condition of your property should include detailed information and observations on all contents, fittings and fixtures at the beginning, middle and end of the tenancy. Supplemented by high quality digital photographs of every room, any specific damage and the level of cleanliness will ensure an in-depth record of your property at the time of each inspection.

You need to avoid any property vacancies at all costs, as a vacant property means no rent! An experienced Inventory Clerk will help maintain a quick turnaround, so that you can get new tenants in the property as soon as possible.

Full members of the AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Clerks) providing assurance that your inventory clerk is trained to the highest standard possible. Members of this leading organisation must adhere to a strict code of conduct and professionalism, which also protects against any possible problems or disputes that you (hopefully don’t) encounter with your Inventory company.

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